April 3, 2011

What some of my tax return went to!

WARNING!!!!!!!  this post will be pretty big!

So to start off I placed my biggest order from Beauty From The Earth and This is what I got!!
I picked up the 24 piece brush set, the denim and lace collection, the rocking rainbow collection, and a few other things!

Lets Start with the brush set! Lets just say these brushes are AMAZING! So soft and they apply the minerals beautifully!  

Next Is the Denim and Lace collection!

This set is beautiful! I absolutely love all these colors! I forgot to label the colors before I put them away! (sorry)

Next is the Rocking rainbow Collection!!

And now for the random jars I got!!

Over all and as always I loved my order and all my colors!
I am in love with the pink petal mineral veil! It really helps with my dark circles under my eyes!

OK! Now for stuff non - BFTE!!!!

The Coastal Scents 88Warm Palette

I have not had a chance to play with this yet! But I did test it with my finger and I have a feeling I will be very pleased the colors are beautiful!

Next Is SugarPill!!! Now Ive been eying them for a long time! Heres what i got!!!!

And to finish up I got some Urban  Decay primer potion in Sin (bc i loved how it looks hahaha) and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy!!!!!!!!!!

I am extremely excited to use all of these products!!! I love them all!! I will go more in depth with all when I have more time! Enjoy! Going to let my doggies out and actually play with some make up! (which  i havent done in days!) 

Enjoy! and remember to ALWAYS be yourself!

Much Love!
Sara <3


  1. What a huge/ awesome haul! Im so jealous! I'd love to have some Sugarpill those palettes are like #1 on my want list! Congratz on all your goodies & have fun with them! :D

  2. Wowow amazing haul! Ugh I neeeeed the Sweetheart palette...

    Thanks for the pics Sara! Can't wait to see your looks :)

  3. You've been tagged!

  4. I'm so entirely jealous of this haul.
    Partially who i tagged you for a blog award


  5. OMG, this is the most EPIC haul ever. LOVE. =]

    Fierce Nerditude

  6. Wow that is one huge haul! I'm jealous!!

  7. Jealous!!!! Lucky lucky girl!! I have had my eye on those Sugarpill pallets for awhile too :)

    check out my blog im experimenting with some of their colors! ^_^


  9. gah, what a huuuuuge haul! i want some sugarpill