February 5, 2011

New BFTE Haul!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all!
    I just received my last order from BFTE and I am so pleased! I had gotten their hot and bothered valentines day set, and some other random colors!!!!

I also did some swatches for you all!!!

The names from top row left to right are:
Butt Naked, Vixen, Sugar Daddy, Soleil
Grassy, Spank Me, Meow, Chaos
Goddess (blush), Midnight Kisses, Bondage, and Vamp

I am absolutely in love with the hot bothered set! and vamp has to be one of my favorite colors so far! I will be so ordering a full sized jar of  vamp in my next order!!!!

I will be doing an EOTD soon with some of these colors!
I will be receiving another order from BFTE sometime next week and will do another post!

And as always be yourself!


  1. Oh BFTE has such pretty colors!

    Sadly, for some reason a bunch that I've tried have made my eyelid itch! Ugh. I don't even have sensitive eyes lol. Weirdness.

  2. That's a shame! They are such a wonderful company!! Maybe you just happen to be allergic to something in the eyeshadows!

  3. Still jealous.
    And you've been tagged again http://kattatonic.blogspot.com/2011/04/handwriting-tag.html